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Is a Silver Bullet Made from Silver?

Is a Silver Bullet Made from Silver?

“What is Sterling Silver?”

My Dear Friends,

I’ve decided to devote a blog to SILVER. It’s my passion, it’s my business. I love working with it, every time I think about silver, I think about the endless creative possibilities that silver can yield. It’s more affordable than gold, but when I look around at the word “SILVER” I know that there are many metals with the silver color, or have the word silver in their description. So I would like to share with you some insights about what you’re buying. Please read more.....

Let's Talk Water and the Creative Process

two girls with umbrellas

My Dear Friends,

I’m hear to talk about water! Water to drink, water for the plants, water to make our grass green. Domestic purposes. Agricultural purposes. Scientific purposes. Water is our life force.

When you live in a desert climate, you do not take water for granted. But I’m not here to talk conservation, nor ecological impact, I’m here just  to talk about water.. Although the world is nearly 70% water, there is only about 1% of water that is consumable.  So taking all that water, desalinating it, and turning it into a potable drink has been a mission in Israel since its birth of a state….and we’re doing a great job.

But why am I talking water, right here, right now? Please read on to find out!!

My Passion. My Family.

three generations

If you know me, you know I love customer feedback….and if you know me well, you know about my passion for my family. Today, I received both – an impassioned post about family, as well as beautiful feedback about the impact of Or Paz….I would love to share it with you.

Danny, I just wanted to share with you A little story that has taken place in our family. It started a several years ago when my daughter gave me your beautiful Gathered Roses ring. My mother admired it so much that I gave her one of your rose rings, although it was a little different from mine, several months ago. She was thrilled with it’s beauty and sentiment. My mother wanted to give my daughter a rose ring that fit her personality and today my mom did just that. The three of us think of each other as precious roses and your rings have connected our hearts together so beautifully. I want to thank you for your amazing designs. With them, you touch lives so much more than you realize! Bless you.

The Hills Are Alive with the Sounds of....Vacation!

family on vacation
As young children, our lives revolved around the school calendar. In Israel, as in most of the United States, summer vacation was in July and August. Most schools lacked air conditioning so it was no wonder that we could not go to school amid sweltering temperatures. Whether playing outside on the street, riding bikes or visiting friends, my fantastic summer vacations were spent outdoors.....Want to hear more about Salzburg?

Is Being a Father Tough?

father's day with the boys
Is being a father tough? Well, let’s review some of the easy steps of fatherhood. It is really easy to fall in love with, and be totally immersed with and obsessed with your children. From the moment they first open their eyes, fathers (and mothers) can’t help but feel unconditional love for their beauty and innocence.  Then I think of all their milestones: I recall their first bite of food; With picture perfect memory I remember each of my children walking their first steps, and saying their first words – which I would like to remember as “aba” = dad. With immense pride I watched them as they wobbled on their bike without training wheels.  It’s those snapshots that I know will remain indelibly cemented in my mind. And when they were little, I was the ONLY super hero in their lives. So, what’s tough about that? As it turns out....alot!! Please read more to uncover my challenges of fatherhood. 

The Blooming of an Idea

The Blooming of an Idea
As a designer and retailer of jewelry, I wear many hats. I also am representative of the collections that we create at Paz Creations. We have a fabulous team that focuses on innovation, quality and unique pieces that boast beauty and longevity. Next week, I will travel to the East Coast for an important sales event. Crucial to our success, these spectacular sales events occur yearly and I make ever effort to ensure that our collection is fashionable and fabulous. But getting here has not been so simple.  When I think back about one year ago, I can remember when I put this date on my calendar and planted the seeds of upcoming collection. It has taken almost a year of preparations that started from an idea, progressed to a sketch, then a design, next was a model, followed by gem stones, and finally production…and finally, the stars align and I’m ready and pumped for the event.

Why is Mother’s Day Only Once Per Year?

danny and mrs newfeld

My Dear Friends....I’m not a mother. But I’m married to one, and I have one. I would like to offer perspective and insight. I have always thought of women the ultimate multi-taskers. Every greeting card that exists depicts women with the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. The also wear many “hats”. Instead of listing all the jobs that our mothers can do and are able to do,  I feel as though their roles can be better categorized, rather than itemized.

Mothers Protect Us

Safety, security, stability.  Our mothers provide us with boundless protection. Emotional and physical, they are both therapists and doctors. They watch us as we stumble through life. They quell our fears. They pick us up through life’s hardships. Mothers are the glue which hold us together....mothers also give us love....I would LOVE for you to read on to find out more!

All Runners Are Beautiful

all runners are beautiful from the prague marathon
It seems that we are always “running”. Running to work, running late, running to appointments, running ourselves ragged! But for me, running is not about chasing something, it’s about friendship, achievement, acceptance and accomplishment. I spent the weekend in Prague, Czechoslovakia running a marathon, which took place on Sunday. There was a slogan to this year’s marathon,  “All Runners are Beautiful. ” It really resonated with me. It made me think the message was that irregardless of gender, religion or background, running together unifies us. I would love to share my journey of training, and finally finishing a marathon - what an accomplishment!!

Israel. A Country to be Explored

visiting israel
I wonder. What’s the first thought when you think of Israel? Are the first words that come to your mind “TOURISTY” or “GORGEOUS”? They should be!!! With amazing scenery throughout the country, Israel packs a tremendous amount into this little state.  From east to west (at certain points in the country) the journey is very short. But traveling along the West Coast, along the magnificent Mediterranean reveals the most tremendous views. The most amazing natural wonders. The most delicious food. Farmer’s Markets. Flea Markets. The options are endless! Whether I take off a half-day, or a three day vacation, I eagerly anticipate the ability to explore  the world around me… is literally in my backyard!

Does Passover Go Beyond the Kitchen?

Does Passover Go Beyond the Kitchen?

My Dear Friends,

I live in Israel, and have been celebrating Passover my entire life. I want to take you on an imaginary walk-through about the preparations for the holiday, and how an entire country transforms for this holiday.

Fashion. Renewal. 

I know it sounds funny, but Passover cleverly coincides with Spring Cleaning!  There are fantastic deals at the stores on new appliances, and of course clothing too!  White dresses And lots of jewelry glittering in the showcases as people Are looking for the best gifts for their loved ones and for themselves. Everyone is busy getting their homes ready for the holiday, which means that cleaning products go on sale this time of year!

I Love Running

tel aviv marathon

My Dear Friends,

I love running.  I love to run. And I understand that many people do not. But, I would like to explain to you why I find running so gratifying. While I run, my head clears of stress and worry, and opens up to appreciate the beauty around me. Trust me, there is plenty of time to think when you’re running over 13 miles. But rather than thinking about my feet rhythmically pounding on the pavement, I think about what surrounds me. I think about my supportive family. 
I also find myself daydreaming; especially when I take the opportunity to really observe my surroundings. When I ran Samsung’s Tel Aviv Marathon last week, I ran along the boardwalk and saw the blue cascading waves of the Mediterranean. This part of the run is my favorite. The stunning blue hues, balance the light brown sand, and my thoughts dream (as always) to creating beautiful artifacts that contain color, brightness and texture. 

The Holiday of Trees

The Holiday of Trees

My Dear Friends,

My business often brings me abroad, and this week I was traveling on the east coast. As my plane landed, I was struck by the white glistening snow on the ground. It’s not that I forgot that it was winter on the east cost of the United States, it was more that I remembered the stark contrast to the different seasons as I crossed 5000 miles across the globe.

Israel has a Temperate Climate

Israel, which geographically has a more temperate climate, parallels the United States in many ways. We are a fashion-forward country and proud to be a start-up nation, but our weather patterns make us dramatically different. Toward the end of April the United States celebrates two holidays – Arbor day and Earth Day. In Israel, we take those two days, combine them into one, and celebrate in late January. It is called titled, “The Holiday of Trees” or “Tu B’shvat” in Hebrew. Unlike the east coast, the end of January is marked by warmer weather and almond blossoms appearing on the trees; the wintry season is nearly over.  In Israel (much like Earth Day in the US) children spend time outdoors planting trees, hiking, embracing the outdoors and paying particular attention to the environment that surrounds us.