Keeping Your Hands Warm on Cold Winter Days

Cold....Brr...I wish I had fur? But do you really? With the Polar Vortex still vortexing around the East Coast it's obvious - you will do nearly anything to keep your body warm!! How much attention are you paying your hands on these cold days? If you're suffering from excessively dry skin in the're not alone! 

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The blustery temperatures tend to dry our skin and that natural oils and moisture the keeps our hands smooth evaporates! According to the leading causes of dry skin include:

  • overuse of soap & water
  • exposure to harsh chemicals
  • skin disease
  • aging
  • excessive exposure to cold temperatures 

So, how do we combat dryness? The treatment is easy - MOISTURE! but the options out there.....unlimited! 

We've asked our friends, trolled the internet and even spoken with a few dermatologists for their suggestions. Unless you're condition requires a prescription, there are some amazing remedies out there! 

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Did you know....olive oil is probably the best kept secret! Used EVERYWHERE - from the kitchen to beauty, olive oil (consuming and applying) its anti-oxidant power will get your skin looking shiny & youthful. Add some lavender or your favorite scent to make your specialty essential oil. 


For those who prefer tropical oils, coconut oil can certainly fit into your dry skin regiment! A little lighter that olive oil, the "cocunuty" smell will definitely remind you of scented suntan lotions! Don't forget to massage your cuticles!


Another great oil (but beware if you've got a tree-nut allergy!) it's gentle enough and pleasantly scented to be applied all over!


The great thing about Aloe Vera, is it's non-greasy feeling! It's soothing properties are well known and easy to find!

Any others that you could think of?

We found papaya, yogurt and even buttermilk on the lists of all-natural moisturizers you can find in the kitchen! 

(p.s. we're not doctors, nor do we pretend to please make sure to visit a medical practitioner if your systems get worse or if you suffer from any condition that may cause dry cracked hands that's unrelated to the environment)


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