Behind the Scenes: How our Jewelry is Made

From Inspiration to Reality

It's so rewarding to see a completed piece of jewelry, knowing all the steps that it took to get there! I want my community of customers to know that every item in the Paz Creations Collection has been touched by an artisan in our studio. I would like to invite you to a "behind the scenes" glimpse of how enriching the jewelry creating process is. 

Our jewelry begins with inspiration. I am a very visual person. Because I love the outdoors, I love travel and I love art, I actively seek out colors, experiences and environments that stimulate my senses. I also have a team of fabulous artisans who are creative and talented. Between us, we create the Paz Creations Collections. 

At our design meetings, we talk inspiration, we bring visual aides like rose petals or even a textured piece of paper or any items of interest that help with our vision. More heads are better than one, and every member of our design team shares valuable input. Then, onto the computer. Sketching, drawing, and coloring. Then, my favorite part, using technology to create a three-dimensional image. This way, I can envision every nook and cranny. We can play with sizes, curves and angles. 

What comes next?

It kind of depends!! While our silversmiths can actually build a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace - from scratch. We also use technology for jewelry creations. If we love the renderings from the computer, we actually can print a wax mold for each piece. Then we make a mold and from there, the silver is poured into the mold and jewelry is created. The great thing about using technology is the ability to see imperfections or to make adjustments and tweaks before the silver takes its shape. 

Once each piece is hand-finished, we will set stones, add links for necklaces, or hooks to  earrings and VOILA....your Paz Creations jewelry is ready for you! 

Now You Know!


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