What No One Will Tell You, But You Need To Hear About MOMS!

paz creations stud earringsMother's Day, time to shower the "moms" in your life with chocolate, jewelry and flowers. Wait...don't  MOMS deserve much more that one day a year!?!! Of course! Have you ever wondered where the word MOTHER comes from? Would it surprise you to know that even with several hundreds of different languages in the world, the word "MOTHER" has a similar sound?

In old English, the word is MODOR (which means caregiver, so it's no wonder the word stuck around....) And now, let's throw some ideas: SPANISH? Madre.....GERMAN? mutter.....Korean? UM-MA.... And for the more "informal" version - MOMMY or MAMA....let's talk more languages!! HEBREW - Eema....CHINESE....Mama.... Afrikans & Swahili? - Mama....Georgian? Mama....maybe it's because it's an easy sound for a baby to make! 

Time to talk facts and stats....did you know: in 1870, writer JULIA WARD suggested a Mother's Day Proclamation to honor mothers in the United States? It wasn't until 1914 that the holiday picked up momentum and President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day as a public "thank you" and expression of love. In about 1920, Hallmark picked up the trend and issued its first Mother's Day Card. 

And now, what' you've been waiting for!! Here's what No One will tell you, but you need to hear about moms: The best types of moms are our sources of inspiration. The values that we can learn from strong female role models in our lives are patience, humility, and most importantly - understanding. 

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