Strike a Pose....time for your Cameo!

What is a Cameo?

cameo paz creationsBack in 15,000 B.C., ancient civilizations in Egypt carved figures into rocks as a means to record significant events,,,that may be the first type of cameo! During the reign of Alexander the Great in the 3rd century B.C., Greek and Roman cameos incorporated religious figures and mythological images. During the Hellenistic era, pendants worn by women were either gemstones or what we now call, CAMEOS!" 

Who wore cameos?
Women of the upper class began wearing impressively carved gemstones as a sign of wealth and prestige in the 18th century. It didn't take long for skilled artisans to use plaster of paris molds to "RECREATE" gemstones....and what did they look like? You guessed it...the type of cameos that we see today!

Dpes a cameo have to be a specific gemstone?
Historically, A cameo is a hard or precious gemstone—often agate or onyx. Then there is a carved relief so that the figures are raised from the background.

What's the most common motif of a cameo?
Anything from a profile, to a mythical creature to a floral motif!! 

Do you have your Grandmother's Cameo? 
It could be valuable (in addition to being sentimental)!  Cameos value are based on workmanship, textures, imagery and depth of you have a cameo? Share a picture...we'd love to see it! can find cameos in every shape or size, with contemporary or vintage designs!

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