The Next Best Thing in Fashion

Get ready....the depth of winter weather is beginning to melt away to make room for spring and summer's arrival! And we are super excited! The Paz Creations collection draws a silhouette of femininely formed and detailed pieces that are classic, yet fashion forward and we are embracing some beautiful trends emerging for the next few seasons! 

paz creations pearl earrings
Pearls are back with flair!! And we're not talking about pearl necklaces! Did you know: Cultured pearls are available in nearly every color of the rainbow? It all depends on the minerals, acidity and water conditions when being cultivated!  We're talking about charms & accents to brighten up your wardrobe!

Mixed Metals
We love to see the subtle combinations of yellows, pinks, blacks and silvers. In the past, wearing mixed metals was nearly the equivalent of wearing white after labor day! Whether you choose to wear mixed metals or decorate your home with mixed metals. No one's going to jail anymore for breaking that fashion law! 

Image result for mixed metals

Chain Necklaces
A chunky, heavy chain "statement" necklace have become a fashion statement. They have the added bonus of being stunning up close and visible from far away. In some ways, they're a throwback to the 80's but now, it's not only rappers who can rock the chain mail! 
paz creations sterling silver chain necklace
This coming's definitely about over sized and bold jewelry! We love rings and bracelets that can stack...

What colors are on the horizon? Benjamin Moore Named Metropolitan AF-690 as its color of the year for 2019! And what color is that? So glad you's a shimmering light grey, subtle and calming, it's a super choice

What's the one trendy piece you're planning on purchasing this season!

Thank you for reading our blog!! We'd like to offer you a special coupon for readers of our blog..good for $5.00 off of any future purchase! Just type in the code SPRINGTRENDS2019 at checkout! 


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