Looking Fine in Filigree

Are you ready for a history lesson? Let's travel back to 3000 AD - but you can't filigree jewelry 3rd century paz creationsuse travel miles to get there! And while it's hard to track down the first time filigree was used, ornaments uncovered from excavation sites throughout Cyprus and Sardinia have uncovered items with  patterns of highly skilled handiwork and delicacy on small pieces of gold - which we call filigree. What makes filigree, well, filigree? Let's take a look: style that falls into that category is any type of art that consists of twisting, braiding and curling threads of metal. Sometimes small grains of beads are also attached, and voila...the AMAZING look of filigree!! 

3rd century filigree plateSometimes the item may appear like as tapestry or lace and you can see through it. Other times the filigree is added to for luster or texture. Whether it's jewelry, ornaments, platters or artwork, filigree is something that is supremely beautiful and it's a piece of artwork to be admired and displayed! If you take a look at this plate, you will may be able to see the floral pattern of gold filigree that makes up this plate. Believe it or not....this plate has been dated back over 1500 years!

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