Fast Fashion and Style

Fast Fashion. Have you heard that term? I like to think of the term with a connection to "fast food."  At a fast food restaurant your food is ordered, received and consumed contrast to a "fancier" restaurant where there would be a delay as your order was being prepared, presented and then served. Fast food can be delicious - but it's still fast!! 

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So, what's FAST FASHION? It means style that quickly move from the "catwalk" and are quickly captured as a trend and available to the customer. A downside to fast fashion? Because it is sent to areas of the world where labor is cheap, ti also means the acquisition of cheap garments, cheap workmanship and because it's it's trendy  - whatever sells today, may not sell tomorrow....which leads to lots of excess trashi!!

In contrast, SLOW FASHION is the approach to fashion which focuses on sustainability, quality, processes and resources needed. One important characteristic - locally sourced labor and materials!! 

How does this impact Paz Creations?

Did you know: At Paz Creations our artisans are dream-up, create, design and manufacture nearly all of our jewelry IN ISRAEL? That means locally sourced labor. 

Did you know: Sterling silver does not lose any of it's purity when it's recycled?

Did you know: It's easy to reset a gemstone to "breath life" into an heirloom piece of jewelry? 

We value the qualities of the SLOW FASHION movement! Sterling silver is recyclable. And sterling silver lasts a lifetime - which means our jewelry won't end up in a landfill! 

We hope that being fashion forward with our designs, but at the same time classic we hope that our community of customers look beyond what is fashion jewelry, and love the timeless beauty of our FINE jewelry. We focus on quality - not quantity. 


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