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Talent, Inspiration and Motivation Converge

model with jewelry
Happening right in my own backyard! The Graduation Exhibition of students from the Shenkar College of Design, Engineering and Art. International young talent come to Tel Aviv to hone their skills, be mentored and find their “visual voice”. And these students do it best! The hottest talent from Shenkar are recruited by international companies such as New Balance. and the Business of Fashion (online magazine) ranks Shenkar in the top ten of Fashion Schools Internationally. Some notable graduates are Alber Elbaz, former creative director at Lanvin. Attending the graduation show is always fascinating. The fashion runway just glows with the latest combination of textiles, styles and combination of new technology. The design and engineering showcases are equally mind-boggling….from shapes, materials and colors the creations are just amazing. Modern textiles meet whimsy, floor design, and everything in between. This exhibition is a feast for the senses!

Business + Community = Success

designer with kids
On my daily commute to the office, I often plan my day; thinking about upcoming meetings and events.  The day successfully passes, and before I know it, the weekend arrives. But some days are unique.  Some days stand on their own. Yesterday was one of those days.
I believe – very strongly – in community. Community is much more than physical neighborhood, it is the world around us and I enjoy making the effort to specifically reach out to organizations that I feel improve and enhance the lives of youth. Like any other country, Israel has families who have economic troubles, or systemic dysfunction. Fortunately for impoverished and disenfranchised youth, there are Children’s Villages for them to be embraced and nurtured in a safe and structured environment.

A Treat To Meet Someone New

A Treat To Meet Someone New
I often travel throughout the country and love meeting new people. When I tell them where I live, and what industry I work in, the reaction I get is, "When I come to Israel, I would love to visit your offices!" Every once in a while, it happens! Meet Cythia Cohen, a loyal Paz customer, who took time out of her family trip to visit our offices in Ramat Gan.

Fashion Week 2017

Danny at Fashion Week
Fashion Week. Full of mystery, allure and inspiration. Allure comes from seeing new designs and new ideas that will become the trends of the future. The mystery comes from wondering, “What goes on behind the curtain?” And the inspiration? That is generated from observing the fabrics, textures, colors and shapes that surround and engulf me. Take a look through my eyes and I will show you some sights and sounds that were of interest to me! Each year, the fashion show takes place at a different locale. This year’s show was held at the brand new TVL Fashion Mall. There are many amazing Israeli designers set to showcase their latest fashions and hope to inspire trends such as: Gideon and Karen Oberson, Tovale Hasin, Shai Shalom and Idan Laros, as well as the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and the Gottex bathing suit company, which is celebrating its 60th year in business! That’s more than just a trend, that’s a household name! When the mall opens, it will be a fabulous venue to be able to shop the latest fashions, or just to have a cup of coffee at one of the many new cafes set to open in the near future.

Team Retreat 2016

team retreat 2016
The Paz team retreat is an opportunity to decompress and connect. This year’s retreat offered both, plus an opportunity for some entertainment and laughter. Beginning early in the morning, the team boarded a luxury charter and headed north directly to Caesaria where we enjoyed a spectacular breakfast by the sea. With our appetites sated, we traveled toward the northern tip of the Sea of Galilee to Abu Kayak, where we escaped from the heat and enjoyed kayaking. Following kayaking we settled into our lovely accommodations, on Kibbutz Merom Golan at the foot of Mount Bental. Later that evening, we had our minds read by mentalist Marom Mor, who gave us laughs as well as mystified us with his illusions. After a restful evening, we were back on the road, early the next morning, heading toward a “jeeping” excursion that left every crevice sandy! Followed by a short trek to a waterfall and a delicious lunch, the Paz team ventured back home, tired yet energized. What’s in store for next year?

What Happens in Vegas!

JCK Las Vegas Bulletin Boards
Paz Creations was excited to participate in the JCK Show in Las Vegas the first week in June! The journey first began with a LONG flight, that was quite delayed on route to Las Vegas from Israel. But when the plane was on it’s final descent at McCarran Airport, the amazingly lit “Las Vegas Strip” helped to invigorate the whole team! JCK Las Vegas is the leading jewelry event in North America. International jewelry professionals and designers gathered to showcase awe-inspiring trends and upcoming artists. Throughout the gorgeous Mandalay Bay Hotel, you could walk among amazing jewelry vendors.

Paz Creations is Going to Las Vegas!

paz creations in las vegas
Paz Creations is excited to participate in the JCK Show in Las Vegas from June 3 through June 6. JCK Las Vegas is the leading jewelry event in North America. International jewelry professionals and designers gather to showcase awe-inspiring trends and upcoming artists. We invite you to stop by and say, “HI”. We will be at Booth #B14169, on the Bayside Level, in an area called The Bridge. Throughout the show, we will post pictures of our displays and our stunning pieces. Hope to see you there!

Jovella 2016

danny at jovella
Jovella is a yearly exhibit featuring Jewelry manufacturers and designers from throughout Israel and the entire world.  When I attended the 13th annual Jovella exhibit last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing creativity that new designers and innovations that are presented to the jewelry world each year. There must have been over 150 vendors showcasing their loose diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver and fashion jewelry. What I love is the fresh and trendy designs, When I walk through the aisles, I marvel at the creativity and innovation that I see before me – all house in one space. It is so much fun and I make so many connections walking through the aisles of the show observing, interacting and talking with the different vendors. 

Hong Kong. The "Other" City that Never Sleeps

hong kong airport

Hong Kong – The “other” city that Never Sleeps is a very accurate description of a hustling and bustling marketplace. The annual Jewelry and Gem Fair in Hong Kong is home to Asia’s largest gem marketplace. Believe it or not, there were over 3500 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of loose gems of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and equipment and packaging from around the world. It is expected that over 57,000 buyers from over 156 countries were in attendance. It was enormous and quite pleasing to all of our senses. The quantity, quality and the size of diamonds that were displayed was not to be believed. While not everyone can get to Hong Kong for a Jewelry Trade Show, it was an experience to be remembered forever

If you want a treat for the senses, take a hop over to Hong Kong - you will not believe your eyes! (or your ears, or noses!)


Team Retreat 2015

paz team retreat

Team Retreat to Northern Israel

This past October, we took the day off for a bit of fun and whisked our staff away for our annual company trip. This year, we traveled to the northern part of Israel. We started our day at the southern end of Mount Carmel, between Zichron Ya’akov and Binyamina. In this magical place, there is a natural gem called Ramat Ha Nadiv, which is both a garden – boasting hundreds of different kinds of flowers and spices – and a home to wildlife living in their natural habitat.....I invite you to read more!

Paz Creations at Lauren's Gallery

Lauren's Gallery with the Paz team
Jaffa, the port city. Beautiful vistas and a fabulous setting for a jewelry show! Paz Creations hosted a private jewelry show at the prestigious Lauren’s Gallery in Jaffa, where we launched our Spring 2015 collection. This location was chosen strategically: like Paz Creations, they both combine the Old and New.