Business + Community = Success

designer with kidsMy Dear Friends, 

On my daily commute to the office, I often plan my day; thinking about upcoming meetings and events.  The day successfully passes, and before I know it, the weekend arrives. But some days are unique.  Some days stand on their own. Yesterday was one of those days.

I believe – very strongly – in community. Community is much more than physical neighborhood, it is the world around us and I enjoy making the effort to specifically reach out to organizations that I feel improve and enhance the lives of youth. Like any other country, Israel has families who have economic troubles, or systemic dysfunction. Fortunately for impoverished and disenfranchised youth, there are Children’s Villages for them to be embraced and nurtured in a safe and structured environment.  

How does that impact Paz Creations? I want to be able to “give back!” And it’s not about a donation. It’s about giving these young children an unforgettable experience. It’s about giving these kids a little extra pampering and TLC. So, yesterday, I invited a group of girls from Beit Elezraki Children’s Village, in Netanya to come spend the day at Paz Creations. We invited the girls to our workshop, and with guidance by our artisans, they actually made their own silver rings engraved with their names. The girls braided leather and added meaningful charms that reflected their hobbies and interests. Over pizza lunch, we talked about dreams, futures and aspirations.
My commute to the office was different today, Today I thought about memories; today I thought about impact; today I thought about making a difference.

Yours, Danny

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