Paz Creations at Lauren's Gallery

Lauren's Gallery

Lauren's Gallery in Jaffa

Paz Creations hosted a private jewelry show at the prestigious Lauren’s Gallery in Jaffa, where we launched our Spring 2015 collection. This location was chosen strategically: like Paz Creations, they both combine the Old and New. A modern art gallery setting in the beautiful ancient city of Jaffa seemed like the perfect place to showcase our new collection. At Paz Creations we use modern technology such as 3D designs and investment casting in the creation of some of our jewelry. The beauty is the fusion of new technology with a selection of historical elements, including Roman Glass, that date as far back to the mid-1st century B.C.

Danny at Lauren's GalleryLauren's Gallery with the Paz teamLauren's Gallery with the Paz teamLauren's Gallery with the Paz team

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