Jovella 2016

danny at jovellaJovella 2017

Jovella is a yearly exhibit featuring Jewelry manufacturers and designers from throughout Israel and the entire world.  When I attended the 13th annual Jovella exhibit last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing creativity that new designers and innovations that are presented to the jewelry world each year. There must have been over 150 vendors showcasing their loose diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver and fashion jewelry. What I love is the fresh and trendy designs, When I walk through the aisles, I marvel at the creativity and innovation that I see before me – all house in one space. It is so much fun and I make so many connections walking through the aisles of the show observing, interacting and talking with the different vendors. The sparkling gems are eye catching and it is an event that I always look forward to!

The next Jovella Show will be from July 3-4 at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv…I’ll be there!

danny at jovelladanny at jovelladanny at jovella

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