A Treat To Meet Someone New

What Do You Expect Each Morning?

My Dear Friends, 

When I wake up each morning, I often don’t know what to expect. As such, I greet each day as a new adventure – and it’s OK if the adventure is mundane. In fact, sometimes the adventure is routine, heading to work in the morning, heading home in the afternoon. For a thrill seeker like me, it’s OK, because there is comfort in routine.  Today, was a great break from the everyday. A loyal member of our Paz Community reached out to me letting me know she would be in Israel visiting her family.  Cynthia Cohen, a travel consultant based out of Florida, came to our offices in Ramat Gan for a visit and tour the Paz Creations Offices. She is a loyal fan of our collections, being the proud owner of about 20 different pieces in all our jewelry categories. We showed her the workshop where our artisans were hard at work designing, creating and building the amazing pieces that embody our jewelry collections. Cynthia also brought a ring to us for repair, and she enjoyed meeting our artisans and observing their craft. Thank you Cynthia for coming and we wish you and your family safe travels back to Florida…hope everything will be OK, and the hurricane will stay out on the ocean!! Coming to Israel? Come visit! We love a break from our regular routine!



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