Announcing The Launch of the LiPaz Collection

Actress and Producer Noa Tishby launches a new jewelry line designed for the HSN (The Home Shopping Network), part of the Liberty group owned by Liberty Media. Tishby is on the design team at Paz Creations, which has launched successful jewelry brands for the the world's largest shopping channels. Together they have created and designed a unique silver jewelry collection called LiPaz by Noa Tishby, appearing for the first time on the Home Shopping Network on October 29. 

in Israel, in 2010, Liora Talmor and Danny Newfeld took their combined expertise and experience, in the American jewelry market, to establish Paz Creations. Paz Creations specializes in the design, manufacture and branding of gold and sterling silver jewelry. Their jewelry is available for purchase world wide, focusing on the American market with an emphasis on television shopping channels. 
The launch of their new brand, with Noa Tishby, is an important strategic decision of the company, which will expand the Paz Creations Collections' exposure on Qurate. Qurate is QVC and HSN, online and television shopping channels. They are the leader of retail brand representation across television, e-commerce and social media platforms, reaching 370,000,000 households. They are among the world leaders in the digital retail world with annual sales of over $14 billion.

According to Danny Newfeld, "Our partnership with Noa is joyful and exciting, especially during a challenging period in the retail world. The LiPaz Collection, by Noa Tishby,  is designed and manufactured entirely in Israel. We are so happy to work with Noa, who has proudly represented Israel for many years." The stellar combination of Noa and Paz Creations have created an innovative collection, trendy yet faithful to the values of the brand and focused on the American market.

This move follows the trend of celebrities and fashion innovators to market their brands across American Shopping Platforms. Noa joins the ranks of Katy Perry who has recently launched a new show brand for HSN, Ellen DeGeneres, Cheryl Crow, Catherine Zeta Jones, Martha Stewart and other influential trend setters.
When asked about the process of creating and collaborating on a new jewelry collection, Noa responded, "I am excited to launch our new collection and to join in a partnership with Paz Creations. Danny and Liora have a proven track record of success that brings pride and awareness to the State of Israel. I am proud to present the LiPaz Collection and bring the beauty of Israel to the American audience."

The LiPaz Collection will have its inaugural show on Monday, October 9th on HSN at 3pm (EST)

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