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A Way to Hurry Autumn's Arrival!

citrine earrings

Summer's bring sun, green grass and gorgeous flowers are everlasting treats. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sweetness of strawberries. I sometimes wish I could hold onto summer forever. But the truth is, even with summer extending sometimes to October, Summer does come to an end. 

But I'm not sad, in fact the subdued browns, the glistening reds and the opulent oranges of the Fall are equally as gorgeous and as captivating as the colors of summer. I was so glad to not be the only one who loves to embrace the Autumn Season! Would you like to read more about amazing jewels for the Fall weather?

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Each year, the Paz Creations team heads to JCK, Las Vegas. It's a feast for the eyes and ears! From the assortment of vendors, to the variety of languages, the JCK show is a fabulous opportunity to network with other jewelry designers and see some great new industry trends as well as technological advancements in jewelry design and production.

We love it when our efforts to become a ground-breaking and innovative company are acknowledged! Come and read about Paz Creations!