Khamsa? Chamsa? Hamsa? What is it? How do you say it?

What is a HAMSA? And as the Hamsa can be found in pendants, rings, anklets and artwork why is it often found whenever Judaica is sold?

Paz Creations Hamsa Bracelet

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. It brings its protection, happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

When I think of the Hamsa, I think of how beautiful the symmetry the hand symbol is....the middle finger slightly raised, the outward curve of the outer digits. 

Let's begin at the beginning: the word. HAMSA means Five. Yes, As in the number 5. Just as we have five fingers on the hand, and there are commonly two types of Hamsa found - either with two symmetrical thumbs, or shaped as a regular hand. The mysterious origins of the Hamsa have lead to both its popularity as well as its endurance as a symbol which permeates religions and geography. There are many ancient references to the Hamsa often connected to superstition, which has also meant that for many, they believe the Hamsa to be a kind of protective amulet. 

hamsa in the market

The Hamsa is believed to offer happiness, luck, health and good fortune to those who display their Hamsa. When wearing it as jewelry, it can be worn in either direction. When I think about the shape, I think of the curves and lines of the human form. I think of the power of our hands to hug, love, nourish and work. 
 How do you pronounce it? If you can make that guttural sound at the back of your throat to sound like you are clearing  your throat, you have just made the "KH" sound! I hope you enjoy this beautiful ring and let me know if you have come across any interesting "HAMSA" on your journey!

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