6 Top Reasons to Meet Paz Creations at JCK Las Vegas!

Hello from Israel!!

Paz Creations is a leading manufacturer of Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry with and without gemstones. Our design studio is based in Ramat Gan, Israel. Our jewelry is marketed through cable shopping networks, leading online and retail chains, and e-commerce sites around the globe and direct to our worldwide Paz Creations Community. Paz Creations is headquartered in Paz Towers in the heart of the diamond district in Ramat Gan, Israel. Our facilities include design studios, manufacturing workshops, quality assurance stations, warehousing, and our executive and administrative offices.

Our booth #B111927 in Las Vegas at this year's JCK show will feature some of our brand new collections and will highlight some advanced techniques in jewelry manufacturing.

So, why should you come visit our booth?

Silver and Gemstone Ring

1. RESPONSIVE. Paz Creations creates their collections with an organic look that balances the boutique image with affordable pricing.

2. CUSTOMIZED. Paz Creations can CUSTOMIZE a collection for YOUR retail outlet. Will collaborate with you and our designers to create a look that is uniquely yours.

3. EXPERIENCED. With many years of experience within the jewelry field, Paz Creations has proven itself to be a long-standing brand with longevity and a loyal customer base. We develop our collections with market research-based on the specific addressable markets of our customers

Sterling Silver and Gemstone ring Paz Creations on lady's hand

4. COLLABORATION. Over time Paz Creations has developed relationships with top manufacturers and gem suppliers. These connections allow us to seamlessly move from design to creation to production. We have an established Infrastructure and relationship with several gold and 925 silver manufacturing companies who manufacture based on our specifications to meet all production needs

5. BRAND LOYALTY. Our customers are top online and "brick and mortar" retailers throughout the world. We have continually proven to produce a high-quality product meant for the discriminating customers. '

6. QUALITY ASSURANCE. : In house Quality Assurance department ensures that every piece meets the highest standards

The essence of Paz Creations is the combination of the ancient heritage of Israel with modern elements giving each piece in our collection a modern look with a touch of historic beauty and class. Paz creations incorporate organic materials such as ancient Roman glass and other natural gems.
Our vision:

  • Work with you and your teams to understand your specific addressable market needs
  • Create a unique product line to meet your customers’ requirements
  • Ensure that designs are fashion-forward from a design, pricing and value perspective
  • Produce high-quality designs that reflect progressive design processes and high manufacturing standards

Our booth #B111927 in Las Vegas at this year's JCK show will feature some of our brand new collections...we would love to talk!