What is rose gold, yellow gold and white gold?

So glad you asked!!! Let's start with what is GOLD? 

Gold is GLAMOROUS!! Gold is SHINY!!! And gold is considered a precious metal, worthy of being the subject of many heist movies! 

two tone bangle bracelet from paz creationsPURE GOLD - Gold is a SOFT, yellow metal. 24K gold is 100% pure gold, it is rich in color and and because of its purity, is way too soft to be used as jewelry. In fact, it's so soft and flexible it can even be stretched or used in embroidery. But we know that as jewelry, it's quite hard. So what do we do to make it durable enough for daily use? Jewelers mix different metals and create a strong, gorgeous and long wearing masterpiece. 14K is probably the most common gold used for jewelry. It contains 58% gold.

Let's talk color. If all gold starts as pure yellowish, golden, then all the alternative colors come from the metals that are mixed with them to give their color. 

Yellow Gold: Silver, copper and Zinc are the metal alloys added to give 14K its distinctive color; and durablilty.

Rose Gold: Silver, copper and zinc alloys are added, but the ratios are dpaz creations white gold rhodium spinner ringdifferent. If more copper is added, that warmer, pinker color appears. 

White Gold: Pure gold is mixed with copper, silver and palladium...but it's still possible to find jewelry also with nickel added to give it that distinct, "platinum" color.

When you purchase a two-tone beauty from Paz Creations, you may be purchasing 14K gold two-tone or possibly gold plated. What is gold plating....so glad you asked....next time!! 

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