Training Hard. Creative Inspirations.

training hardMy Dear Friends, 

From where do creative inspirations originate? I’m always amazed by how quickly each year seems to fly by.  How can it be that we were just celebrating the holidays, yet spring is already around the corner?

It has been a long, but creative winter in Israel for me – I have been working on several new pieces that will be ready in the Spring.  Today is a sunny day in Israel, I see the flowers blooming and feel that spring is in the air. On a personal note, I’m still training for an upcoming Marathon – next Friday – most mornings usually begin with a run at 5:30am. Running as the sun is about to rise exposes me to a new, unfamiliar, yet spectacular part of the day.  It is here where creative inspirations are born. I discovered how inspiring it can be and it’s surely the best time to think and get ideas. There is something magical about dawn, the last hour of the night and first hour of the day that it’s hard for me to explain but it’s very addictive. As I run, I reflect that this country is so rich in history, yet so modern. Those concepts became the inspiration for our Roman Glass collection. Although you may not think of glass as something ancient, Roman Glass has been found all over excavation sites in Israel and other Mediterranean Countries. The vibrant colors, with elegant settings in silver blend to make stunning pieces that will be treasured forever.


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