The Holiday of Trees

My Dear Friends,

My business often brings me abroad, and this week I was traveling on the east coast. As my plane landed, I was struck by the white glistening snow on the ground. It’s not that I forgot that it was winter on the east cost of the United States, it was more that I remembered the stark contrast to the different seasons as I crossed 5000 miles across the globe.

Israel has a Temperate Climate

Israel, which geographically has a more temperate climate, parallels the United States in many ways. We are a fashion-forward country and proud to be a start-up nation, but our weather patterns make us dramatically different. Toward the end of April the United States celebrates two holidays – Arbor day and Earth Day. In Israel, we take those two days, combine them into one, and celebrate in late January. It is called titled, “The Holiday of Trees” or “Tu B’shvat” in Hebrew. Unlike the east coast, the end of January is marked by warmer weather and almond blossoms appearing on the trees; the wintry season is nearly over.  In Israel (much like Earth Day in the US) children spend time outdoors planting trees, hiking, embracing the outdoors and paying particular attention to the environment that surrounds us.

I love to hike and I am an avid observer of the world around me. I notice the shape of leaves and the way that every part of nature is designed to be recognizable, yet at the same time every detail is unique. This appreciation and respect of nature is what continues to serve as inspiration for the jewelry that I design. The way each petal curves and bends; the way every flower’s center has a unique shape and outline. I love designing pieces that reflect nature’s beauty.  This translates into the organic and artisan look of Paz Creations.

I Hope you continue to follow this blog as I will detail the training that I am undergoing as I begin to train for a marathon in Prague that will take place in May!


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