The Hills Are Alive with the Sounds of....Vacation!

Time for Summer Vacation!

family on vacationAs young children, our lives revolved around the school calendar. In Israel, as in most of the United States, summer vacation was in July and August. Most schools lacked air conditioning so it was no wonder that we could not go to school amid sweltering temperatures. Whether playing outside on the street, riding bikes or visiting friends, my fantastic summer vacations were spent outdoors. 

Unless you’re a teacher (and even teachers typically work during summer months) the workforce is a never ending cycle with no clear breaks. However, my children are off school in the summer, and with the abundance of technology that surrounds us, being off of school typically means being attached to technology.  I enjoy extreme sports and embrace an active lifestyle. The importance of that, I have transferred to my children. And, every summer I am privileged to take the opportunity to travel outside of Israel. That means, when we are on vacation, lots of physical activity, interaction with nature and can infusion of culture are guaranteed to be infused!  So this year, our trip to Salzburg, Austria fit the bill! Whether climbing on hilltops, or above the tree line or even visiting Mozart’s birthplace, I kept my kids engaged (and off their devices!!) 

family on vacation

Each Day is a Blessing

I feel that it’s a blessing to be able to take some time out of my busy schedule to leave work, and decompress. I also feel privileged to be able to travel with my children, but more importantly, I feel honored to have a great relationship with my sons. Have a wonderful and safe summer!


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