Journey from Tel Aviv to Nazareth

christmas tree in nazareth with paz creationsTel Aviv. The "other" city that never sleeps. The place I call home. It's a hustling bustling (read: MODERN) city full of cars, lights, noise and activity, and we love it. But we also love traveling throughout the country and decided it was time to visit Nazareth. Steeped in Christian history we knew that we would be taking a virtual time machine backwards and we couldn't wait!  With narrow cobblestone streets we knew we would be on foot and in the open air. We were also very excited to see the city decorated with the holidays lights - a sight you don't find frequently in other parts of Israel. In fact, you really have to travel far outside of Tel Aviv! ....And although it's going to be rare to have a "White Christmas", in Israel, finding an illuminated Christmas is definitely doable!

Traveling north along the coast is always breathtaking, but reaching our Nazareth in the evening was awesome. We arrive Thursday evening and were greeted by this HUGE Christmas tree that is definitely in the same league as the tree in Time's Square!  Inside and outside of restaurants, cafes and pubs the holiday spirit was in the air. If you live in North America this may seem pretty regular, but in's quite an anomaly!

nazareth market paz creationsDuring the daytime the outdoor markets are feasts for the senses. Everything can be purchased here! From spices to clothing if you want it, it's here! And then, onto the churches. I think the Church of the Annunciation has the most spellbinding architecture. The curved entrance ways, the detailed painting, the wood carvings I just couldn't believe the beauty.

church of the annunciation paz creations

Traveling to Nazareth was such a great experience. In addition to the sites and sounds, it was such an awesome time of year to visit. We met tourists from Japan, Indonesia and even Iceland! I just felt I need to share the splendor and elegance of Nazareth. If you're planning a trip to Israel this should be one the top of your list! And Tel Aviv too! 

nazareth market paz creations

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