Milan Design Week

Ciao from Italy!

ceaserstone exhibitionMy Dear Friends, Ciao from Milan, Italy! The Paz Creations design team have just come back from an amazing visit to the "Oscars of Italy," Milan Design week. Exhibitors from all facets of design including furniture, lighting, kitchen and bathroom accessories - and from all parts of the world - to showcase their innovative creations. Now, as a jewelry designers, why did we go? favorite word - INSPIRATION.




This was an exhibition of unbelievable proportions! Have you evercircular staircase heard of Caesarstone? It's an Israeli-based company who showcased their quartz counter and vanity vanity tops, flooring, in such creative and distinct ways! creative and distinct ways. Other exhibits like lotus chairs, glass colorful lamps, and furniture designed from 100% reclaimed plastic, each exhibit had its own flair and personality.   






crystal player pianoInstallations were inside and outside of the University of Milan as well as many other locations throughout the city.  Whenever my team travels to design exhibitions we are always amazed by the  the sheer talent and creativity that surrounds us.  

Whether it's the artisans who hglass lampsand paint fridges and ovens, or the magnificent Swarovski chandeliers of immeasurable size, or the fanciest ice cream store I've ever visited, I am in in awe of the experience, and feel that at these moments I am humble to be around artisans of such talent.  

So now, you must be wondering, what was the best exhibit that I saw? Sorry to disappoint as I'm really not able to say what was the best....but what was fabulous? This amazing circular stairwell, nearly like a conch shell, the symmetry and beauty really spoke to me.  My team viewed the exhibition as a success...and they defined it through the ability of the design exhibition to activate all of their senses. What's the next adventure? ice cream cones

University of Milan




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