Karat, Carat or Carrot?

There is often confusion between the terms Carrot, Carat and Karat or CT and KT.

Let's start with the easiest:

carrot paz creationsKARAT
- Used for GOLD. Let's explain, Gold is characterized by its purity. Pure gold is 24 Karat (or you may see KT as a marking). It really is a short form for 24 / 24 which means that 24 parts out of 24 parts are pure gold. Jewelry is never made from pure gold as it is way too soft to be formed, and it would have no durability. 14K gold, a common jewelry number means that 14 parts out of 24 parts are gold. It contains some non-gold metals, sometimes nickel. 10K gold jewelry is often the least expensive and less likely to scratch, bend or break.  Did you know: Until the 1930s there was the "GOLD STANDARD?" That means that the value of the currency circulated in the United States equaled the exact amount of gold sitting in a vault in Fort Knox. 

CARROT - you know, that crunchy, orange vegetable that is said to improve night vision. Done.

CARAT -  is a unit of weight used to measure diamonds and precious gemstones. Did you know: In ancient times traders used carob seeds on balance scales to determine the weight of gemstones?  The word CAROB evolved into the word carat and at some point a universal measurement was established. A cart is equal to 1/5 of a gram (if you weighed it on a scale). A carat is broken down into 100 units known as points. Stones that weigh less than 1 carat are indicated by a decimal point. An example is that a half carat stone weighs .50ct.


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