Israel. A Country to be Explored

Israel – Small Country? I think not!

visiting israelI wonder: What’s the first thought when you think of Israel? Somehow I don’t think it’s “TOURISTY” or “GORGEOUS”. But it truly is! With amazing scenery throughout the country, Israel packs a tremendous amount into this little state.  From east to west (at certain points in the country) the journey is very short. But traveling along the West Coast, along the magnificent Mediterranean reveals the most tremendous views. The most amazing natural wonders. The most delicious food. Farmer’s Markets. Flea Markets. The options are endless! Whether I take off a half-day, or a three day vacation, I eagerly anticipate the ability to explore  the world around me… is literally in my backyard!

I Love Traveling

visiting israelTravel. I love my home, the comfort, the ease, and of course the casualness that surrounds it. But sometimes I just need to leave my four walls and explore the world around me. Whether travelling a few moments, or a few hours, I am always amazed to what Israel has to offer me. I am proud to put a variety of pictures from my latest trip along the coast of Israel.

The things that keep me most engaged, are also the things that I am most passionate about. My family takes the center stage, and everything revolves around them. When I’m working, I think about my family as my emotional support, and I value being able to love what I do to financially support them. I love extreme sports, and exercises. It keeps my body nimble, my mind sharp and my energy and enthusiasm for the world around me increases as I continue to improve my physical fitness.

Enjoying the Views

visiting israelEnjoy views of the Mediterranean, enjoy the seascape and the landscape from the ancient city of Acco, the Bahai Gardens, Nahariya & the coastal City of Rosh Hanikra.

And the next time you're in me!! I would love to spend time with you!  

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