Happy Birthday to Me! Now buy me a Birthstone Necklace!

Pearl Birthstone Paz CreationsWhat is it about Birthstones? Yes, the gemstones are gorgeous, but how are they connected to birth months? From where did the connection begin, and most important: where can I buy the most stunning gemstones?

Are you ready to travel back about 3000 years in history? The Bible records that Aaron, the first High Priest (brother of Moses) wore a ceremonial breastplate. The breastplate housed 12 stones, symbolizing the 12 months of the year, the 12 signs of the zodiac and of the 12 tribes.

While we're still traveling back in time, have you heard of the Mythical Birthstone list? It goes back also about 1000 years to Tibet. Have you heard of the Ayurvedic Indian medicine, that also goes back about 3000 years?
But wait, there's more! Celtic Birthstones are assigned based on a calendar devised by the Druids which consists of 13 Astrological months. More lists to add to your collection!

So, how does that affect me? Scholars track the idea, of taking a specific month and connecting with a stone, top about 18th century Poland. According the National Association of Jewelers, the first list of birthstones was defined around 1912.

Birthstones are gemstones that can be found in rings, necklaces or pendants or other pieces of jewelry. Usually, the are precious (or semi precious) and each stone stands to represent month, or even a zodiac sign. 

Although there is "official" list of birthstones, the National Association of Jewelers adopted the modern list of birthstones in 1912. (see their chart below) Their thinking? Have all jewelers would be selling the same product for the same month. Interesting to note, in 2002 Tanzanite was added (December) as it was newly discovered stone, which gave new Tanzanite dealers a high boom to their business! 

At Paz Creations, we have the most beautiful sterling silver jewelry....we are sure you will find the birthday present you're looking for! (p.s. it's October....opalicious!!)
birthstone chart paz creations

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