Father's Day - the search for Equilibrium

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I have always wondered: Is there truly an ideal balance between family and work?  Is it possible to achieve? And...does it work? As a business owner, my job requires me travel out of Israel quite often. As a dad of three energetic and fabulous boys, I do not want to miss a moment. So I believe that in order to be there while my kids are growing up, I really have to BE THERE

What does that look like? It means that the same passion I take while on the road, I take to my home. It means that when I'm not working, I am actively engaged in conversation, activities and fun with my kids.  I sincerely believe that father-children positive experiences will have permanent positive impact on them!! (And I even have the science to back me up!) 

When I'm on the road, I don't let distance interfere with mywhite and blue beaded bracelet for me ability to talk with my beloved kids!! Technology has made it seamless. Whether it's skype, whatsapp, or just a moment on the phone - sometimes first thing in the morning - other times just before bed - those few precious words speak volumes!!  If you're new to my blog, I encourage to to get to know me a little better, and learn that I am an avid runner. Short runs, long runs, it truly doesn't matter. It's being outdoors. It's getting my heart racing. So one activity that we love to do is be outside together. Not all my boys like to run, one likes to bike ride, another likes to go out on his scooter. It doesn't matter: we are all together, being healthy together, interacting together. And there's nothing that beats that!

We're coming up on Father's Day! For me, it's not about what my kids will be doing for me, it's what I can do for my kids to continue to be the best father that I can be!!


Have a Wonderful Father's Day!


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