Does My Jewelry Retain its Value?

At Paz Creations, we often get investing in gold or silver jewelry a wise purchase? Well, that's a fabulous question!! If the question is being asked about your jewelry (in other words...does the jewelry you own have resale value?) Then the honest answer is that jewelry has two values: an intrinsic value, which is the sentimental, heirloom or inheritance value of a possession and the second value is the actual monetary value.....want to learn more?



Most people don’t think about jewelry as an investment. While you may lock your jewelry away, what's the worst that can happen? They will be stolen, and then sold again. So, have you looked at the resale value of your jewelry? 

Sentimental Value


Not all jewelry is made the same.  As soon as you gemstones, you may have increased the value. At the top of the charts is diamonds, but many other precious and semi precious gemstones have value - separate from where they are placed, as they can always be reset.

So, while the phrase “resale value” in mind, is not usually a motivator to purchasing your jewelry, if it’s an important part of the equation to you, then you will want to purchase jewelry that maintains its value. 

Gold & Silver

Both gold and silver have different valuations and historically Gold has always had a higher dollar per ounce cost over silver, yet both go up and down. Interestingly enough, gold and silver coins will retain much more value that either precious metal created into jewelry. Why? because jewelry may carry appeal personal to a particular subject or audience.  

Bottom Line?

Does jewelry retain its value over the long-term? You’ll likely find that it varies from piece to piece. You can sell something of universal appeal quickly…but a custom-made piece might not appeal to someone else. Consider an investment in jewelry not necessarily as an investment in your portfolio, but an investment in the richness of your life.

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