My Dear Community, 

I want introduce you to a good friend of mine, Noa Tishby.  Noa is a superstar, and I just don't mean by her vibrant personality, I actually mean about who she is....Noa is a star of the silver screen and the little screen. She's an advocate for women's rights, she's an entrepreneur, a model and a mom. She's also super creative and has often discussed with me about the opportunity to collaborate on creating a new line for the Paz Creations Collection. Because she lives in LA, and I live in Israel, we've had a hard time getting together!! But, we finally decided it was time, and we put her dreams onto paper.  Noa's artistic flare, with her Hollywood Glamour look, merged amazingly with our expertise of designing treasures that reflect the landscape of Israel! Together, we created a new collection which we are lovingly calling the LiPaz Collection. LiPaz means, "MY beauty" and that's what this collection truly is. 

noa tishby lipaz collection paz creations hsnNoa proudly wore the inaugural pieces of the LiPaz collection to the Emmy's in September. She received such great feedback that we knew we were on to something HUGE, and it was time to bring our jewelry to the public.  Now Noa will join the ranks of other SuperStars who bring their collections to online shopping channels! Our LiPaz Collection with Noa Tishby will be debuting on HSN on October 29! We will have stunning rings, bracelets earrings and necklaces!  If you love the Or Paz Collection, you will definitely love the LiPaz collection. We have the same, super high quality sterling silver jewelry that you've grown to treasure!  Make sure you "google" and follow Noa on social will be so impressed by everything she's done!! She's such a role model! I'm so happy to call her my friend, and now my partner in the LiPaz Collection! 

We are debuting our new collection on October 29th at 3pm on HSN....Mark your calendars! 



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