14K Yellow Gold Plated Cross Earrings

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Our Dangle Cross earrings are made from the finest sterling silver! Plated in 14K Yellow Gold, you will love the golden look, with the sterling silver price!  Did you know: Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free? It is is safe for people with nickel or lead allergies.

 NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN ♥ The Hammered and curved design is highly inspired by the shapes and styles we find in the nature around us and how it is represented in many Middle Eastern and Oriental cultures. The intricate design is full of detail and pleasure to look at!

 TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP ♥ - The combination of the technology and craftsmanship come together to give this necklace its heavy look with high polished finish. A unique statement piece and true example of fine craftsmanship from the holy land.

 PERFECT AS A GIFT ♥ – Your beautiful treasure arrives in a pretty Eco-friendly pouch and would be a perfect gift for your sister, mother, daughter, best friend or even yourself! Your jewelry box will love you! With Paz Creations, you have purchased a high quality piece of jewelry which will be treasured for years to come.

 HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR STERLING SILVER BEAUTIFUL? ♥ We recommend routine maintenance. To minimize the tarnishing of your Sterling Silver Jewelry, keep it away from harsh chemicals (which include hairspray, perfume detergents or deodorants). To restore its lustre, buff your sterling silver jewelry with a soft cloth, before storing them in a moisture free box. Dry and store your Paz Creations purchase in your eco-friendly soft cloth pouch to prevent dulling, tarnishing or scratches.

14K Yellow Gold Plated Cross Earrings  - Paz Creations Jewelry
14K Yellow Gold Plated Cross Earrings  - Paz Creations Jewelry
14K Yellow Gold Plated Cross Earrings  - Paz Creations Jewelry

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